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Ayyuthaya City Guide

Last Updated Oct 29 2014

Wat Chai Wattanaram, Ayyuthaya
Wat Chai Wattanaram, Ayyuthaya


Ayyuthaya is Thailand's ancient capital and located 50 miles north of Bangkok making it a good day trip. It has a high concentration of both modern and ancient temples.

South of Ayyuthaya is Bang Pa-In Royal Palace also known as the Summer Palace.

For general Thailand info such as language and money, please see our Bangkok guide here

Getting here


There is frequent service to and from Mochit Bus Terminal but the terminal isn't that convenient to get to in Bangkok since you need to take a bus or taxi from Mochit BTS. Bus fare is 50 baht and travel time can be up to two hours in traffic. In Ayyuthaya, the bus terminates on Phra Nakhon on the west side of Chao Phrom Market. Some buses depart on Naresuan, the first intersecting street to the north.


Trains leave regularly from Hualamphong Station and third class seats are inexpensive (only 20 baht). However, travel time is very slow taking two hours or more. Ayyuthaya's train station is just across the river from the east side of the old city.


Minivan service is the best option. Fare is 60 baht one way. They will want to drop you off early (probably to get commission from waiting tuk-tuk drivers) but ask to stay to the end stop (same area as the bus). Minivans only leave when full so going early in the morning will minimize waiting. When you return to Victory Monument, have a meal at Boat Noodle Alley nearby (see Bangkok restaurants section).

Minivans leave from the northeast corner of Victory Monument in front of Fashion Mall. The BTS station is just south and an overhead walkway runs along the east side of the monument.

Getting Around

Bike Rental - For the active and heat insensitive, you can rent bikes to tour the area

Tuk-tuk Tour

Official rate is 200 Baht/hr with the most popular tour four hours and drivers will wait at the bus terminal and train station. If you skip the elephant ride and don't linger at the sites too long, you could bargain the tour down to three hours. Sharing will also minimize costs. Tours do not include any admission fees. Tuk tuks in Ayyuthaya are mini trucks and can fit up to six small people tightly.

Tour Itinerary

If you opt for a four hour tour, here is a sample itinerary used.

Wat Yai Chaimongkhol - Ancient stupa, small reclining buddha, 20 baht entry fee

Wat Phananchoen Worawihan - Large seated buddha in modern temple, 20 baht entry fee

Wat Maha That - Ancient temple ruins, famous buddha head, 50 baht entry fee

Wat Rajaburana - Reconstructed stupa, 50 baht entry fee

Phra Mongkhon Bophit - Modern temple, large seated buddha, free

Wat Phra Si Sanpeth - Small complex beside Phra Mongkhon Bohpit, 50 baht entry fee

Elephant Riding

Wat Lokayasutha - Large reclining buddha free

Wat Chai Wattanaram - Large temple complex, 50 baht entry fee


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Ayyuthaya Map


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